IQ-FLOOR Rental Service

Build your raised floor by using

IQ-FLOOR Rental Service!


A pretty easy solution: We deliver the raised floor system IQ-FLOOR Basic to every address within Europe. You set up your raised floor within a short time by our ready-to-use panels and easily send them back after use.


IQ-FLOOR Basic is the perfect raised floor system you can use as a platform for most floor coverings like carpet, laminate etc.


You save time and money by doing the set-up, the dismantling and the return of the rental floor parts. You pay a rental fee plus the delivery and re-delivery costs. With our rental offer you will get the costs for the delivery. This is the easiest and cheapest way to build raised floors!


Rental fee 14 days: 19,50 Euro/m²


We deliver ready-to-use panels in top condition from our IQ-FLOOR Basic system. These are quality plywood panels, size of 999 x 999 x 18 mm, with four open slots for the exact intake of the IQ-Connectors, weight 8 kg, 23 mm of space for cables, tubes etc., total floor height of 41 mm.


You can place the outlets for cables, tubes etc. right on the spot by „damaging“ some panels. Only damaged panels will be charged by 69 Euro/piece and you may keep them for further purposes. Rental panels must be delivered back in undamaged condition as you recieve them from us.



Your contact: Donna De Jong, Tel. +31 6 27124776

Fair locations and dates in Europe

Amsterdam       Athen           Barcelona       Basel               Berlin              Birmingham

Bologna            Bratislava      Brünn             Brüssel            Budapest        Bukarest

Düsseldorf        Dublin          Frankfurt        Genf                Göteborg        Helsinki

Istanbul            Kielce           Köln                Kopenhagen    Lillestrøm       Lissabon

London             Lyon             Madrid            Mailand           München        Paris          

Porto                Posen            Prag               Salzburg          Sofia               Stockholm        

Stuttgart           Utrecht         Valencia          Verona            Warschau        Wien

Zagreb             Zaragoza       Zürich

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